The Adoption Process  

The following is a list of the steps we must take to complete our adoption process.  
The process of gathering the required paperwork is commonly called "The Paperchase".  
After we complete the paperchase, we enter the phase we call "The Wait".  
Then we receive our "Referral", and begin preparing for "Travel" and  "Homecoming".


Steps in the International Adoption Process

  1. Attend Bethany's International Adoption information meeting and/or complete and return the pre-application.  COMPLETED

  2. Receive notification of approval of the pre-application.  COMPLETED

  3. Apply for your passports.  COMPLETED

  4. Obtain the I-600 Orphan Packet from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  Complete the steps found in your information packet.  COMPLETED

  5. Begin the Immigration Pre-filing Process by completing the I600A form.  You will be assigned a fingerprinting appointment by USCIS.  COMPLETED

  6. Complete Bethany's formal application and return it to Bethany.  COMPLETED

  7. Receive approval of your formal application and are assigned a social worker.  COMPLETED

  8. If you live in a state where Bethany has an office, a Bethany social worker begins the family assessment.  Families living in states not served by a Bethany office must contact a Bethany-approved, licensed adoption agency to complete the family assessment.  COMPLETED

  9. Complete the family assessment and training requirements.  COMPLETED

  10. Complete the dossier. COMPLETED

  11. Bethany sends your family assessment and/or dossier to the country you have chosen. COMPLETED  

  12. Receive a "Log In Date" - the date China receives and logs your paperwork.  COMPLETED

  13. Await your referral from the country you have chosen.  COMPLETED

  14. The country identifies a child for you and you receive a referral.  COMPLETED

  15. Accept the referral and complete the acceptance documents.  COMPLETED

  16. Begin the court process (in your local county or the birthcountry of your child).  COMPLETED

  17. The birthcountry completes the necessary legal procedures before the child may travel.  This period of time varies by country.  COMPLETED

  18. Receive visa approval through the USCIS.  COMPLETED

  19. Travel to the country if desired or required.

  20. Complete the court and immigration process.

  21. Your social worker begins the required post-placement reports.

  22. Apply for a birth certificate after receiving your final order of adoption.

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.