In Memory Of Pogo    



Dear Pogo,

We were so happy when you came into our lives three years ago.  From the moment JR took you in, you accepted us into your big heart without reserve. It didn't take long until you became part of the family.

You were such a good ole' boy - so full of love and cuddles.  We'll never forget the way you would serenade us with your song, the times you would play us a tune on the piano, or the way you would bump us with your head when you wanted attention.   You were always there to sit with us on the couch, or keep us company at night.  

Then there is the matter of your friend, Pookie.  She misses you terribly.  Even though she didn't show it often, she really did care for you.  I guess she is kind of like us humans sometimes - we hide what we are feeling for fear of being hurt or rejected.  I think she wishes now that she would have let you know that you were not so bad after all.

We were so excited about bringing our Little One home to meet you.  We knew you would let her pet you and love you, and that we didn't need to worry about you hurting the little one.   You were such a gentle fellow!

We always knew that you would have to leave us one day.  But our hearts would never be ready to accept - we're still having a hard time with acceptance.  It happened so unexpectedly.  We only hope that your last few days were painless and free of fear.  We hope that you realize that we didn't desert you - you  were going to come home that night.  We were just trying to help you feel better, that's why we left you for a few days.  We are sorry that we didn't get a chance to tell you goodbye, to give you one last hug and to reassure ourselves that you were at peace.

Yes, you are gone from us forever - but you'll always live in our hearts.  Ever so often, we still hear the faint sound of your song echoing in the stillness.  We feel the warmth of your love and cuddles, and the softness of your beautiful fur.  We remember what a good cat you were to us.  Your pure, honest heart inspired us to be better human beings.

We miss you, Buddy, and we love you very much.

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