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Wsup Larry.... Was told about the web site and the pending arrival of your guys daughter.  Many congrats.....  It seems from the web site you already have a handle on the baby thing with all of the pictures and reminders about family and its importance.  I hope that the day is near for you guys and that your dreams continue to be fulfilled.  If I make my way out to Des Moines via work I will reach out for certain.

Enjoy the summer and again much congrats to you and your wife.

Keep in touch.
Chris Buccola


To Evangelina:

I am making a gift for you.

From Anthony


To Evangelina:

I can't wait to meet you.  I love you and I can't wait till you come.

From Natty

May 2, 2007

Evangelina looks a lot like Larry - very little hair!  Actually she is very cute!


April 30, 2007

To my Beautiful Niece, Evangelina Li Hope Ellison,

This is your Aunt Kim.  I want to wish you a Happy 1st Birthday.  We are all awaiting your arrival into our family and into the arms of your mommy and daddy.  They are the most wonderful parents you could ever hope to have.  

I have waited a long time to be able to say that I'm going to be an aunt and you, my beautiful little doll, are bringing all this to pass.

Aunt Kim

April 23, 2007

I am so excited about Evangelina Li Hope being part of our family.  You already feel the pangs of being great parents.  I am proud of both of you, and the newest member of our family.  She is darling and looks like she will be a perfect fit into our family.  Congratulations!

Grandma Jean

April 18, 2007

Oh, My God!!! I am so excited about my first Cousin. I have been waiting for this for a LONG Time. You Guys are finally getting what you deserve. Both of you are going to be great parents. I cannot wait to see her, and to hold her too. 

Love, Lana & Adam

April 18, 2007

What an incredible name!  She is absolutely beautiful!  All of our hearts are filled with joy for you.  For 99% of the time, children are truly rewarding and wonderful.  It is that 1% when they run away at age 4 to Pizza Hut because they claim their mom doesn't feed them.  But, don't let that 1% discourage you!  We have valued your friendship throughout these 30 some odd years.  We are so excited for you!  We look forward to when you bring her home!  Neil is especially looking forward to the baby shower because he has a great present to give to Larry!  You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you journey to China.  You are a most deserving couple for this.  God Bless!

Neil, Karen, Esther and Douglas

April 18, 2007

Larry & Theresa, 

I am so excited for you all - you three are in my thoughts and prayers daily.  I know you cannot wait until you see her, hold her, hug her, and be "all yours"!

May God bless you all.....

Linda Mercer 

April 17, 2007

Cool, she is cute. Cousin Jeffrey

March 14, 2007

You are in my thoughts and prayers - I am so happy for you all and will be crying along with you the first time you hold your sweet baby girl! Aunt Linda and cousins Ben and Isaac cannot WAIT to meet her and see you all.

Linda Mercer

September 24, 2006

So glad to hear about your upcoming parenthood. Having been a Mom for 9 months, I can't think of anything better. I hope everything goes smoothly for you two.

Best Wishes, Danell & Adam

September 19, 2006

Dear Larry and Theresa,

I had your website jotted down for a long time and finally went to take a look. I have been sitting here crying. I am so happy that you have this opportunity. Having my own baby girl who is now 11, it flies by and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. There is nothing like loving a child and having that unconditional love in return. I think it is the closest thing to God's love that we can ever experience in the world we live in. I know you both will be wonderful parents, you have lots of family, friends, support. It is an amazing journey and your time will fly by quickly and soon it will be her graduation, and wedding day, etc, etc...I know, I know:) Take care and be sure to send me a birth announcement!

Love, Nicky (Nicole O'Hare)

August 29, 2006


I just read your letter to your daughter. It does seem like a long time, but that wait will disappear after you can actually see and hold and talk to your precious little girl. That pain of waiting will almost vanish. It won't completely vanish - just almost vanish. You will always remember how long it took, but you will have her there in your home and her home to suave the hurt and make it feel better. You will make that void disappear that she is experiencing because she doesn't have a Mom and Dad taking care of her. She will always have loving parents that tell her they love her, even when she gets mad at you. She has a Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, many cousins and friends that are anxious to help her become a part of our family. She will finally get to her home, and you won't want to change her for any other little girl. She will be the perfect girl for you -- and us.

Love, Grandma Jean Donahue

June 20, 2006

Dear Larry and Theresa,

We are so excited for you both and your baby from China. What a special blessing from God! We anxiously wait for her safe arrival. We are praying for you all....the wait must seem so long....but it will be so worth it! My sister adopted 3 children from Korea. What a wonderful blessing they have been to our family..so precious..and now they are all grown up! Stay close to God and teach your baby girl the ways of the Lord. With your love, that is the greatest gift you can give her. We love you both and pray that God would be especially close to you as you wait to meet your baby daughter!

Love in Jesus, Bob, Margy and Katie Joy

P.S. What a truly wonderful website! Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!

March 27, 2006

I just heard about this and I would like to say that if anyone deserves to have a child, its you guys. I wish you all the best. I wish I was there so I could offer to babysit but unfortunately I will have to content myself with long distance pictures and my few-and-far-between visits back to the frozen north. I love you both and hope that your doll arrives soon. Tell Pookie to not get jealous! My Tiger would!

Rebecca Kronick

March 13, 2006

Hello from Evansville, Indiana, We met "Mamaw & Papaw" Ellison at a Culvers Rest. during Christmas holiday. They came over to talk to us as we have adopted our daughter from China. They are very excited and looking forward to her homecoming. We used the local agency here, FTIA, and traveled in 2002. Our Emily is from Fuling and will be 4 yrs old in July. She is a joy and we are so glad to decided to adopt. We also have a bio son, Brent who just turned 8. I am 48, soon to be 49 yrs old so it goes to show, you are never too old. My email is sheltie223@yahoo.com if you would every like to hear about our experience.

Good luck, Teresa Korff and Family

March 05, 2006

We are so excited about your decision to welcome a baby into your lives. We know you will be great parents!  (We have pictures.) We are looking forward to you bringing our--oops--your little girl home.

Love, Kev, Darla & Miranda

March 01, 2006

We are so happy for you both - ya'll will be great parents. There's nothing quite like a little girl to melt your heart when she says "Mommy" and "Daddy" for the first time (probably at 2 a.m.!) We look forward to meeting your precious doll and pray for her quick and safe arrival. We wish you all the best!!!

Troy, Mia, Natalie, and Ben Hartquist

January 30, 2006

So completely moved by this website! Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us. We are continually praying for the safe arrival of your precious doll to the loving arms of her Mommy and Daddy.

Uncle Phillip, Aunt Mary, Jeffrey & Elizabeth

January 24, 2006

I was thrilled for the both of you when I first heard of your plans. All the more so, because one of Kim's close friends from where she used to work had just recently returned from China, where she and her husband had adopted a baby girl. She is the most adorable little doll, and she has brought the both of them much happiness. I wish the very same for you as well.

Dave Kronick

December 28, 2005

Hi, What an interesting website. You did a lot of work on it. The Baby will enjoy it when she gets older. We are looking forward to seeing the little jewel when she gets here.

Love Aunt Donella & Uncle Dick

December 24, 2005

Good luck from all of us at the Bush household on Christmas Eve 2005.

Love from all of us!!!!

December 22, 2005

Theresa and Larry,

Congratulations on your upcoming adoption. The waiting is the toughest part. When you finally meet your child, the wait will have been worth it. I'll pass along something our translator told us on our first trip to Russia, "God is in control." Even though Emily was not our initial referral, it all worked out. My brother and sister-in-law adopted a girl from China and Grace has been a blessing for them. May your daughter be a blessing to you as well.

Earl Sides

December 21, 2005

Rob and I are just starting the international adoption process for our own Daughter from China. We are excited and scared. We are unable to conceive a child of our own, and we have much love to offer a little girl. I am bookmarking your page so that I can watch you succeed and maybe it will put my mind at ease that this dream is possible.

Thank you, MsAmber 

December 16, 2005

Dear Theresa & Larry,

I know it must be hard to wait. Your wait will be a little longer than 9 mo, but the results will be the same. We are so happy for you both.  I Pray that it will be May or June and no longer. Just think how happy and busy you will be next year at this time. It is so wonderful to see Christmas thru the eyes of a child, even a very small one. Such joy.

Love you all Andreana & Walt

December 16, 2005

Theresa @ Larry,

You will be in my prayers and thoughts!!  There is nothing more special than the gift of a child.  I'm so excited for the both of you.  Make sure you bring the baby into the store as soon as possible.  Safe travels.  Merry Christmas!!  And a very Happy New Year!!

Dawn Petersen

December 15, 2005

Hey there,

I found your site after reading Martian Anthropologist. I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers for everything to go well in your Adoption process. As an adopted child myself I know I had a much better upbringing than I would have had with my Birth Parents. I'm happy you also have the chance to give a child and home and unconditional love.

December 15, 2005


It a nice things you have create for your child. I believe its a blessing for the child you adopted to found such wonderful parents, or should i say, being heaven sent. :D Post some of the kid pic up when she/he is here. ps: start taking chinese clases? lol 

kay, nanoblink.blogspot.com

December 12, 2005

Hi guys.

Danielle and I are so excited for you. I'm sure it is hard to wait. We would love to help babysit if you ever need us to after the little angel arrives. We are old pros at it now.

Michael & Danielle

December 06, 2005

Dear Little Ellison,

We can't wait to see you and play with you for the very first time. We are so glad you are coming into our lives. You have a great future and an awesome set of parents to share it with. Your uncle Eric is pretty awesome too!

Love, Uncle Eric and Cousins Tori, Natty, and Anthony

November 25, 2005

We are so excited for the baby to get here - we love you guys - Kayla and Alyssa can't wait to have a new little friend to play with - you are the greatest godparents our little girls could have and you will make even better parents.

Love you. Joe & Christina - Kayla & Alyssa.

November 10, 2005

Larry & Theresa

What an exciting time for you! Your little girl will be truly blessed to have such wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing the experience through your website.

Best Wishes, Janet Reiter

November 03, 2005

Dear Theresa and Larry Jr.

God bless you and be with you in your wait and on your journey into China Land for your lovely little girl doll. You two will make very gracious and loving parents because you have so much love to give. God has been so good to you and your family because of the love you have for Him. We anxiously await more news from China Land and your baby doll!

Love you dearly, Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Velma Hope

October 31, 2005

You both were destined by God to be parents and we are SO thankful that your prayers are soon to be answered. God is so good!

Soon to be Grandpa Jack & Grandma Donahue

October 24, 2005

Great page! Best wishes getting your little girl.  Shall keep up by checking back here.


October 24, 2005

Theresa and Larry, Just reading everything you've done so far makes me exhausted!! BUT it's all so exciting!! I agree that who ever knew what babies need..I'm surprised any of us survived without all the gadgets and gizmos it takes to raise a child. AND it seems everything cost "lots". Money is just money, it comes and goes..not always with perfect timing I might add!! But the love of and for a child, as they say is "priceless"!!

Enjoy the journey...Love and prayers, Jane Roul

October 21, 2005

I am so happy for you! I am excited and can't wait for it to be final and you have her! 

Karen vanOostenrijk

October 17, 2005

This is a great website. Good luck in the future.

Deanna Smith, Abbotsford,BC Canada

October 17, 2005

I love you best of luck hope to meet her soon!!!

Deidra Waln

October 17, 2005

We are so happy, thrilled, and ecstatic for the both of you. Of course we will be grandparents to this lovely little girl and we are so blessed. You will be great parents and there will be so much love and care. The wait will soon be over and when you see that beautiful little girl and it is given to you, OH! How precious that will be. Just wait until she calls you "Daddy" and "Mommy", words cannot explain how you feel at that time. YOU WILL SOON FIND OUT!

Our Love and Prayer Dad and Mom Ellison

October 10, 2005

Theresa & JR,

You have both been such a wonderful Aunt and Uncle, now you are being blessed with a little girl of your own. How great it is to know that I am now going to be an Aunt. I only hope that I can be as good of an influence on your child as you all have been to Lana, Beth, and Luke. This is now the icing on the cake.

Love, Kim

October 10, 2005

I'm so excited for both of you. You will absolutely love being parents to a darling, sweet, little girl. Of course, I am looking forward to being her grandmother.

Future Grandma Jean Donahue.

(On the other hand, you are probably already parents and I am a grandmother. The little sweetie is probably born and wiggling and growing. We just haven't met yet.)

October 10, 2005

Message from Larry and Theresa:

Thanks so much for posting to our Website, and for sharing this exciting experience with us.