Evangelina's Care Package

Today we sent a care package to Evangelina in China. The package contains:
1) A photo album with pictures of us, her room, and Pookie. We hope that this helps her to recognize us when she sees us for the first time.
2) A blanket and a stuffed puppy which we have been sleeping with for some time now to acclimate her to our scent.
3) Two disposable cameras so the caretakers can take pictures of her and her friends.
4) Three packages of chocolate for the caretakers.
5) Six infant sleepers to donate to the orphanage.
6) A letter to the orphanage to say thank you for taking care of Evangelina until our arrival, and to request that the cameras, blanket and puppy be returned to us when we receive Evangelina in our care. We also included a few questions about Evangelina in the hopes that they might answer them for us.

Hopefully the package will arrive safely!