Evangelina Li Hope



Chinese Name: Ye Qiao Meng
Birth Date:  April 30, 2006
Birth Place:  Guangxi Province

Measurements at 8 months:
Height:  26.8 inches
Weight:  18.9 lbs


Evangelina's caretakers say she is a healthy, active and energetic little girl.  She likes to imitate.  She smiles constantly and she is loveable. 

At age 1-2 months, she followed objects with her eyes.  She lifted her head on her tummy and cried when hungry or uncomfortable.  She smiled when the caregivers played with her. 

At 3-4 months, she turned from side-to-side.  She lifted upper chest with elbows on tummy.  She waved hands & kicked legs on back.  She showed excitement at sounds.

At 5-6 months, she turned from back-to-side.  She stood with support.  She showed excitement at food & smiled at a person she knew.  She gazed at strangers.

At 7-8 months, she turned over freely.  She sat alone for a moment and stands by herself for a moment.

Her favorite activity is listening to music and her favorite toy is a battery-operated toy!